Arrowhead Stadium Kansas City is a home Venue of the Kansas City that is for the Chiefs of the National Football league. It is worth seeing a place, and you can enjoy a lot of fun while watching live matches or visiting for fun and enjoyment.

How can you visit Arrowhead Stadium?

When it comes to public visits, all visits will meet in the pro shop from the stadium’s north side. But you will find a limited place for public tours, but it is also necessary to book your tour before visiting from an online facility. Covid-19 SOPs are must follow; otherwise, a visit is not allowed.

Arrowhead Stadium Grass is natural or artificial?

The grass at Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City, MO, looks fantastic, and people get confused as to know that is natural or artificial. But it is natural grass that was installed during 1994 when improvements were made in the stadium. Before that, the synthetic Astroturf playing field was there, but it was replaced with natural grass.

What to expect at Arrowhead Stadium?

Parking is one of the major concerns while you visit anywhere, but there is accessible parking available thanks to stadium management. You will find Lots of A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, and J parking areas for vehicles. However, lots E and M are premium among all the parking lots, and you will need to pay for that parking. A guest parking facility is also available for disabled people.

Accessible Seats

To sit and enjoy the match with great fun, you will also find comfortable and accessible seats. But you will need to reserve your seats online before visiting for the game.

Beverages facilities


The stadium is not only for the play, but you will also find many alcoholic beverages shops and stores to enjoy and have a great drink while watching the match. Outside alcohol facility is available, but it is not limited to flasks or bottles.

Other Facilities

Expect many other facilities like assisted listening devices, but when significant events happen and a large crowd is there, you may not find listening devices there. These listening devices provide you great fun and enjoyment. You can also enjoy local broadcasting on your hand-held radio.

Another facility is for Attire guests, but it is must not have abusive images or messages. Clothing is only allowed that covers your body to attend the public nature events without any violations.

Traditional headdresses and face paints that represent any culture are banded and strictly prohibited.

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