Dynasty Volleyball Academy in Morris is the best academy for training your kids to become professional volleyball players.


Morris neighborhood is an excellent place to live for families in Kansas City that share multicultural. The neighborhood is equipped with essential life facilities that make your life easier. Here you will find a mix of bungalows and double-story houses.

The neighborhood has many recreational spots, shopping centers, parks, sports academies, hospitals, water, and education facilities. Dynasty Volleyball academy is one famous volleyball academy where young girls and boys come for training.

Quivira Hills Estate hotel is a popular hotel for tourists who do not just offer the best facilities and are also very affordable. Church of God of Prophecy near Oak Grove Road is a peaceful church for religious activities.

WaterOne Treatment plant is the filtration plant that supplies pure and clean water in the neighborhood. It is a Platinum level Healthy KC certified plant that supplies healthy water. The plant has been serving since 1957 in that area that delivers millions of gallons of healthy water.

The wonderful thing is about the Morris neighborhood is that it is not wrong to say it is the hub for construction businesses. There are many popular construction companies’ offices and hardware stores where people come for shopping and construction orders from the whole of Kansas City.

Some famous construction material stores are Updike Paving Corporation, American Concrete Products of Kansas, and J M Fahey Constructions. The roads and streets in Morris neighborhood are well maintained, clean, and paved.

Dynasty Volleyball Academy

Dynasty Volleyball Academy is a reliable academy for volleyball learners. Every year young kids from 11s to 16s of age are trained, and teams are provided for the national games. The academy provides 5 to 7 teams for national volleyball games each year.

The Academy also wins many championships; athletes of Dynasty Volleyball Academy are recruited by the best college programs in the country. The directors and coaches at the academy are dedicated and engaged in continuous dialog about efficient techniques and finding innovative strategies to develop their athlete’s skills.

Academy serves as a volleyball learning laboratory where young athletes, their families, and coaches come together to develop a friendly and learning culture for improving athletes’ confidence. Dynasty takes responsibility for athletes’ success both off and on the volleyball court.

At Dynasty, players are trained by Camps, Dynasty VIPs, Open gym, and private lessons. In Camps, elite positional skills camps advanced all skills camps, Back school camp, and Pre- tryout camp programs are offered.

Their Dynasty VIPs training program is designed to help young volleyball players to advance their volleyball skills; a total of ten sessions are offered to players. Private lessons also deliver to improve the player’s skills in the supervision of coaches. All of the coaches remain available during private lessons to help the players. Their team training program is the best way to equip the players to play and win for their teams.

If you want to visit Dynasty Volleyball Academy, follow our driving instructions to reach there by your car. It is the fastest route from 753 S 66th Terrace, Kansas City, KS 66111 to that destination.

Start drive from the initial point and go to Head north on S 66th Terrace toward the Kansas Ave for 0.2 mi, then turn left onto the Kansas Ave and keep driving for just 0.1 mi. Then turn right and stay on the Kansas Ave and go for 154 foot, now turn to the right onto Kaw Dr and go for 0.7 mi. Go slightly left onto KS-32 E and go for 1.2 mi, then turn to the right onto S 55th St and go for only 0.4 mi. Now turn to the right onto Inland Dr and go for 1.9 mi; you will be near City Truck & Tire Repair building in the Morris neighborhood. https://goo.gl/maps/r84cf7JW6gxUpPW38

Keep driving for 440 ft to Head Southwest on Inland Dr; you will see Rich Logistics- Kansas City, KS building on the left side of the road. https://goo.gl/maps/brg9yQBpQDXoKdFE9

Go to head southwest on Inland Dr toward the Douglas Ave and cover 0.5 miles distance, then look at the left side of the road. You will find the American Concrete Products of Kansas City, LLC building. https://goo.gl/maps/8vGWFHS4KShmYWXL6

Then go to Head South on Inland Dr toward the Holliday Dr for 292 ft and take a right turn onto Holliday Dr; after 0.1 miles, you will see J M Fahey Construction Co building on the right side of the road. https://goo.gl/maps/jgvNtZH3M8k1HUkW9

Now you are closer to your destination, go to Head Southwest on Hollifay Dr toward S 71st St for 364 ft and take a left turn onto S 71st St and go for 0.3 mi. Next, turn to the right on Gibbs Rd and go for only 0.1 mi, then turn to the right and drive for 148 ft. Take a left turn after 66ft distance you will see Dynasty Volleyball Academy building on the right side of the road. https://goo.gl/maps/VxtTSeyU7DxNgVaB9

Full Route:

(816) 249-2755