Columbus Park Industrial is a popular industrial area. Sports lovers can also enjoy the Berkley riverfront volleyball courts near Columbus Park Industrial.

Columbus Park Industrial

Columbus Park Industrial Neighborhood in Kansas City, MO, USA, is one of the oldest industrial areas in the country. It was born out of a need to find land for business purposes.

The industrial neighborhood has a mixture of housing types, including apartments and single-family homes, and some green space.

It consists of many different buildings and companies that handle the production of products for various industries.

Some of these companies manufacture machinery and other equipment so that they can be sold to other companies or individuals who want to make their own products.

While others produce materials such as plastics and metal alloys so that they can be used in the construction of cars, household appliances, and computers.

Berkley Riverfront Volleyball game Courts

The Berkeley Riverfront Volleyball game Courts are located near Columbus Park in Kansas City, Missouri. It only takes three minutes to go from Columbus industrial to Berkley Riverfront Volleyball Courts.

Kansas City’s riverfront features scenic landscapes, picnic tables, and lighting. There is parking, bike storage, and bike rental near the park.

Berkley Riverfront Volleyball Courts feature six sand courts with high-efficiency LED lights for nighttime play. A full-sized court is available to the public and for special events when they are not reserved or being used by a league.

The sports park has restrooms available and is open all year round. Alcohol is prohibited at this time in Berkley Riverfront Volleyball Courts. However, the riverfront area nearby offers plenty of entertainment to visitors, including concerts and festivals.

One of the ways to get to the Berkley Riverfront Volleyball Courts located at 1298 River Front Dr, Kansas City, MO 64120 from 753 S 66th Terrace, Kansas City, KS 66111 is the following. First, you need to get onto the Kaw Dr heading northeast and from it go onto the I-70 E. After driving for about 12 miles via I-70 E, you’ll cross the Kansas River, and about half a mile afterward you’ll cross the Kansas-Missouri state border, leaving the Kansas state behind and enter the Missouri state.

Continue driving eastward via I-70 E and take a 2E exit toward MO-9 N. You’ll merge onto the E 6th St. Continue eastward, passing the MO-9 until end of E 6th St. Turn north (left) onto Charlotte St, and drive north. Passing under the I-70, you’ll enter the Columbus Park Industrial neighborhood.

Next, turn left onto Cherry St and drive till you reach E 3rd St. Turn right there and then turn left on the next crossing onto Holmes St, moving northward. After about 150ft, turn left into the parking lot. That’s the first stop, the E. Crichton “Kite” Singleton Yard located at 600 E 3rd St, Kansas City, MO 64106.

Leaving the E 3rd St behind and moving further northward via Holmes St, you’ll reach the E 1st St (also called Guinotte Ave). Turn right and head northeastward. After half a mile the Kansas City Mobile Truck Repair at 1200 Guinotte Ave, Kansas City will be on your right.

Moving further northeast and leaving 1200 Guinotte Ave behind, you’ll be passing by Adapt Laser (a laser equipment supplier), Fabulous Fish (a wholesale fish supplier), and Studio 13. Take a left turn onto N Lydia Ave and head north until Berkely Pkwy (E Front St) where you take another left turn. Drive southwest for about 0.3 miles, till the next crossing. There, after the crossing on your right, you’ll see the Port KC located at
Berkley Pkwy, Kansas City.

Leaving Port KC behind and moving further westward via Berkley Pkwy for about 0.2 miles till the first cross street with River Front Dr. Turn right onto River Front Dr. You’ll have the Berkley Riverfront park on your left for the remainder of the journey. On your right, you’ll see the Union Berkley Riverfront apartment building at 1000 Berkley Pkwy, Kansas City, MO 64120.

The last part of the journey is moving further northeast via River Front Dr. Just before the street cross with Berkley Plaza on your right you’ll see the Riverfront Nail Lounge (a nail salon). Drive further and just before the end of the River Front Dr, you’ll be able to see your destination, the Berkley Riverfront Volleyball Courts located at 1298 River Front Dr on your left side.


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