Everything you need to know about the Nelson-Atkins museum of art

The Nelson-Atkins Museum of art is the best art center with thousands of artwork contributions from different and diverse cultures like Europeans, Japanese, African, American, and American Indian. You will find artwork from periods of ancient to contemporary.


The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art Kansas City, MO, is located a few blocks west of a famous Country Club plaza that is the first shopping district in the country in that kind of shopping center.

You can easily recognize the museum due to its beautiful shuttlecock sculptures adorning its lawn. These Shuttle cocks add a lovely, worth seeing touch to the building’s Grandeur.

What will you find inside the Museum?

Hundreds of artworks of African origin variety of media are available that also include wood beads, metal, clay, and fiber artwork. In addition, you will also find textile masks, sculptures, vessels, and many other items there that are worth seeing.

Collections there belong to the history and culture of different areas, especially west and Central Africa.

American Collection includes artwork from the 18th Century to World War 2 that contains sculptures, decorative arts, paintings, and precious work on paper. Thousands of American arts out of that fifty percent are drawings, watercolors, and paintings.

You will also see American Indian, Chinese art, European paintings, and incredible and attractive sculptures. In addition, the 6000 Square Feet Area is filled with American Indian work galleries.

It includes 7500 artworks from Chinese and 2000 artwork items from Japanese culture. It can be the best place for painting to see and learn. In addition, you can get the opportunity to learn artwork from experts and explore your art skills.

How to Visit the Museum Art Center?

If you are a permanent member, you will not require reserving a ticket for a visit, but the non-member’s ticket reservation is a must. You need to reserve the ticket for all areas to ensure safe capacity during your tour.

But do not forget to observe Covid-19 SOPs while visiting. You can also make your self-guided tour by downloading the Smartify app from the Google Play store.

What will you explore?

The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art is a history-rich center with a deep collection of artwork, so we recommend you to visit there often.

You will explore humanity’s outstanding achievements from ancient to contemporary and discover the genuine and original tastes of different cultures and heritage.

You will know the power of society and also will enjoy the diversity of various communities and cultures.

At this Museum you will be able to learn about music, dance, and festivals and also be able to take classes to understand different cultures.

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