If you are looking for an elementary school for your kids in the North Indian Mound neighborhood, then Gladstone Elementary School can be the best choice. The neighborhood offers excellent amenities, and the school has a great learning environment.

North Indian Mound

North Indian Mound is a neighborhood located in Kansas City, MO 64123, USA. This neighborhood in Northeast Kansas City is home to a diverse group of people. The availability of different necessities makes it a great place for living.

If you have kids, you can admit them either in the James Elementary School or in the Gladstone Elementary School. The neighborhood also has three parks, including the Indian Mound Park. You can walk with your dogs or have some fun times with your kids and family.

If you feel hungry, you can walk into any restaurant you want. Even if you are not staying there and visiting only for a day, we recommend you go to the Famous Tacos El Guero. If you love shopping, then you will love California Fashion. St John Brake and Muffler is also a great place.

You can check the Budd Park Place Apartments if you are planning to shift at the North Indian Mound. Embassy Homeowners Insurance and Parkview Healthcare are two more reasons to settle in the neighborhood.

Gladstone Elementary School

When moving to a new neighborhood, educational facilities can be a great concern, especially if you have a kid. Well, if you are looking for an elementary school in North Indian Mound, then Gladstone Elementary School can be your best option.

The school is located at 335 N Elmwood Ave, Kansas City, MO 64123, United States. It provides a safe and loving environment for every student. As a diverse group of people lives in North Indian Mound, the school authority works hard to ensure no discrimination among the kids.

The school building always remains neat and clean. One special feature of the school is the student art wall in the hallways. It is both inspiring and encouraging for the students to do good things.

You can admit your kid in both kindergarten and pre-kindergarten, depending on their age. The motto of Gladstone Elementary School is “work hard, be nice!” It shows how committed Gladstone Elementary School is to creating a positive learning environment.

You can drive from 753 S 66th Terrace, Kansas City, KS 66111 to go to the Gladstone Elementary School. First, you need to get onto the Kaw Dr heading northeast and from it go onto the I-70 E. After driving for about 10 miles via I-70 E, take exit 421B from I-70 E onto the I-670 E. While on it, right after crossing the Kansas River, you’ll leave the Kansas state behind and enter the Missouri state.

Continue driving eastward and merge onto I-70 E again driving east. Take the 4A exit for Benton Blvd. Continue north until the end you reach Senator Thomas Hart Benton Memorial – you’ll recognize it since it’s the first roundabout you’ll encounter moving northward on Benton Ave.  Take first exit (basically turn right) on the roundabout, and continue moving east via St John Ave. You’ll have the North Indian Mound neighborhood on your left and South Indian Mound on your left-hand side. After driving for about half a mile, you’ll reach a bus stop on St John at Jackson Westbound, Kansas City, MO. You have entered the North Indian Mound neighborhood, and you can see the California Fashion on your left.

Continue driving east on St John Ave. On your left is the North Indian Mound neighborhood and the South Indian Mound neighborhood is on your right. 0.2 mile ahead, you will see the El Aguacate Market, 4422 St John Ave, Kansas City, MO. It’s a Taco restaurant, and it will be on your left.

After driving another 0.3 miles onto St John, you will find the St John Brake & Muffler, located at 5000 St John Ave, Kansas City, MO. It’s a brake shop, and you may visit if you need anything.

However, 217 feet ahead, there will be a street on your left. Take that route and get onto N Quincy Ave. 325 ahead, there will be the Holy Cross Catholic School on your right. The location is 121 N Quincy Ave, Kansas City, MO. This school also provides quality education to kids.

Now you are only three minutes away from Gladstone Elementary School. Continue driving north, and 335 feet ahead, you will find a cross street. Turn left and drive onto Scarritt Ave. You can enjoy the beautiful environment of the North Indian Mound neighborhood. Soon you will reach N Elmwood Ave. Turn right from there. 479 feet ahead, your destination, Gladstone Elementary School, 335 N Elmwood Ave, Kansas City, MO, USA, will be on your right.


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