In Kansas city, ks, USA, if you need occupational, speech therapies, physical, and skilled nursing, then a life care center is best according to your choice.

Bethel Welborn

Bethel wellborn and surrounding are the best places for living in Kansas City, and northeast are the nearby neighborhoods of bethel wellborn. Desired areas are present in the northwest parts of the neighborhood, while affordable homes are present in the southwest regions.

Homes in the bethel wellborn are less expensive than in the USA. Bethel wellborn’s atmosphere is charming, which we need to live better. Bethel wellborn is pollution-free, that is why people want to live there. Bethel Welborn has a high quality of life and low crime rates.

The total population of bethel wellborn is 11,197. And the area occupies by the bethel Welborn is 4.20 square miles. Expenses in this neighborhood are lower than the national average.

Approximately 68 percent of the population of bethel wellborn have their own homes. There are many elementary, middle, and high schools to educate your kids. Through the sheer diversity of neighborhoods, you can find the type that fits your aspiration and lifestyle.

In bethel wellborn neighborhood, 39 percent of the population working in laborer occupations and manufacturing. The second occupational group in the neighborhood of bethel wellborn is working in sales and service jobs.

There you can find many restaurants for your better meal and fast food. Many parks, museums, and other places are available here for your recreational activities. Hospitals and pharmacies are also present in the neighborhood of bethel wellborn for patients. But for the physical, skill nursing, and speech therapies, Life Care Center of Kansas City is the best medical facility in this neighborhood.

Life Care Center of Kansas City

Lifecare center is the rehabilitation and skilled nursing in Kansas city, ks, USA. The in-house teams of life care center nurses and therapists care around the goals and needs of each resident and patient.

Kansas City’s Lifecare Center offers outpatient and in-patient rehabilitation with 24-hour skilled nursing care. The mission of the care life center is to assist every resident to live a purposeful life by giving 24-hour skilled nursing care.

Lifecare Center of Kansas City provides long-term health care. To be the facility of choice is the desire of the life care center in any operating community.

Residents are the highest priority of the life care center. Lifecare center is conscious of preserving dignity, self-respect, and residents’ rights in a caring and loving environment. The life care center is responsive to the long-term health care needs and natural resources to meet that need cost-effectively.

Lifecare center is located in the northern regions of Kansas City near the Missouri River. It has very accessible to all the city on either side of the river. Lifecare center is approximately 10 miles away from the University of Kansas medical center.

You can go on thoughtful events and weekly excursions to observe how the life care center of Kansas city does healthcare differently. To visit the Lifecare Center of Kansas, follow the driving instructions below.

Start your journey from 753 S 66th Terrace Kansas City, KS 66111, USA, and go to Head north on S 66Th Terrace toward the Kansas Ave for 0.2 miles. Then turn to left onto Kansas Ave and go for 0.1 miles; next, turn right but stay on Kansas Ave and cover a 154 ft. Next, take a right turn onto Kaw Dr and go for 0.7 miles; stay on Kaw Dr and go to the right for 1 mile. Turn to left onto N 57 St/ N 57th St and cover a 0.9 miles distance. Keep driving onto Meadowlark Ln and go for 0.9 miles, then turn to left onto Parallel Pkwy and drive for 0.2 miles. Turn left onto Parallel Pkwy Loop and drive for 190 ft; you will reach near Gas Station.

Keep going to Head northeast on Parallel Pkwy Loop toward Parallel Pkwy for 39 ft, then turn slightly on the right side onto Parallel Pkwy and go for 417 ft. Here make a u-Turn at Parallel Pkwy Loop and drive for 0.9 miles. Turn to the right onto N 67th St and go for 0.6 miles; you will reach Bethel Free Will Baptist Church building.

Go to head north on N 67th toward Yecker Ave and go for 0.4 miles and then turn right onto Leavenworth Rd and go for 0.5 miles; you will see its building on right side of the road.

Now go to head east on Leavenworth Rd toward May Ln for 0.2 miles; you will see the Vestal Automotive building on the right side.

Keep driving to head east on Leavenworth Rd toward N 61st St for 144ft and turn left and keep driving onto N 61st St for 0.2 miles. Then turn to the right and drive for 75 ft; you will reach to life Care Center of Kansas City.

Full Route:

(816) 249-2755