If you are worried about the best institute to educate your kids, then Lindbergh elementary school is the best according to your choice in Coronado, Kansas City.


Residents in Coronado and surrounding areas are the best locations for living. The most desired areas are present in the northeast parts of the neighborhood. But more affordable homes are located in the eastern regions of the neighborhood.

In Coronado, homes are less expensive than in the USA. Coronado home prices are less high than the city’s average, which could be a perfect place to live for middle-income families.

If the market judges it, Coronado is the best neighborhood. Bethel wellborn, northeast Kensington, and victory hills are the nearby neighborhoods of Coronado where you can reach within a couple of minutes’ drive. There are best places present where people want to live. These places have a higher quality of life and have lower crime rates.

There are many attractive places for people’s enjoyments like Arabia steamboat museum, Fairfax diamond railroad crossing, and village west, Quindaro Ruins Overlook Structure is present. Here you can go for recreational activities.

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Many educational institutions like Gloria Willis middle school, Kansas City, Kansas public school, FL schlagle high school, Lindbergh elementary school are present. You can educate your kids in any of those schools.

Lindbergh elementary school

Lindbergh elementary school is one of the best schools to educate your kids in Coronado. This educational institution serves 248 students from kindergarten to grade 5.

It has good scores among the best schools in Kansas City. The achieving percentage of proficiency in different subjects is satisfactory. The team of teachers and administrators at school is very dedicated and friendly to the students.

They ensure a suitable environment for the students to grow well; students can boost their internal and hidden skills to become positive members of society. The school management believes in working with the cooperation of parents.

This institute trained the students, staff, families, and community to get students’ educational development. They apply proper strategies to obtain a high level of character and academic development.

If you are serious about educating your kids, we recommend Lindbergh elementary school. It offers excellent academic facilities that do not match Kansas City. Students from all over the City come here for learning and development. For visiting the school, follow our driving instructions.

Start your drive from 753 66th Terrace, Kansas City, KS 66111, and go to Head north on S 66th Terrace toward Kansas Ave for 0.2 miles. Turn to the left onto Kansas Ave and drive for only 0.1 miles the turn to the right by staying on Kansas Ave and driving for only 154ft. Now turn to the right onto Kaw Dr and go for 0.5 mi, then turn to left onto S 65th St and drive for 0.9 miles. Turn to the left and drive for 82 ft, then go slightly right and drive for 328ft; you will reach near Kansas City Board building at 312 n 65th St, Kansas City. https://goo.gl/maps/RyrNMm9ZwuG4fTvAA

Go to head southeast toward N 65th St for 410 ft and then turn to left onto N 65th St and go for 0.8 miles. Then turn to the right, drive for 456 ft onto State Ave, take the right turn onto N 64 St, and go for 79ft. Here you will see the ACE Cash Express building. https://goo.gl/maps/32ChQuAovEd1DDJ4A

Now go to Head north on N 64 St toward State Ave for 79 ft and then turn to the right at the 1st cross Street onto the State Ave and go for almost 0.1 miles you will find near Motorsports of Kansas City Inc building. https://goo.gl/maps/gDpkNezJtWjk2b489

Then go to Head east on State Ave toward N 62nd PI for 0.5 miles and then turn right and go for 30ft, take a slight left turn and go for 190 ft you will be near State Tractor & Equipment Company Inc building. https://goo.gl/maps/k3Z3zux28PP2BmhQ6

Next, go to Head Northwest toward State Ave for 220 ft and then turn to the right onto State Ave, go for 0.2 miles. Turn onto N 57 St/N 57th St and go for 0.4 miles on the right side. Now turn to the left and go for only 138 ft; you will see the Lindbergh Elementary School building on the left side of the road. https://goo.gl/maps/tsgzsUB1uWF2CNTy6

Full Route:

(816) 249-2755