For getting personal excellence, a safe, educational environment for the inspiration of academic success, piper high school is the best choice for your kids in Kansas City.

I-435 West KC-KS

Neighborhood I-435 West KC-KS and its surrounding are the best places to live. The atmosphere of the I-435 KC-KS is very charming. This neighborhood extends from Kansas speedway, popular with motorsport fans for NASCAR races.

The desired areas of the neighborhood I-432 West KC-KS are present in the northwest regions, while affordable homes are in the southeast. The prices of median houses in I-435 West KC-KS, Kansas City, are less expensive than in the US.

Judged by the market, neighborhood I-432West KC-KS is the best place to live. Neighborhood I-432 West KC-KS tends to have a high quality of life. Regarding house disparity, the quality of I-432 West KC-KS moderately varies.

Victory hills, bethel wellborn, Coronado, and northwest are the nearby neighborhoods of the I-432 West KC-KS. These areas have low crime rates. That is why neighborhood I-432West KC-KS is the best living place.

Here many restaurants like Bravo! Italian kitchen, twisted fresh, IHOP, BC Bistro is present where you can enjoy the delicious meal and fast foods. Homewood suites, the Parkville nook, glamorous Bohing style Glamping suites at Watkins C ranch are the vocational rentals present in neighborhood I-432West KC-KS.

Neighborhood I-432West KC-KS has many museums, parks, and attractive places. In these places, you can enjoy doing recreational activities.

For the education of your kids’ many schools like Kansas City Kansas public school, Kansas city KS early childhood, and piper high school are present in this neighborhood.

Piper High School

Piper high school is one of the best schools for educating kids. In the latent township piper, this school is a secondary school. Piper high school provides students with learning opportunities, quality instructions, and a safe, educational environment. This educational environment enhances personal excellence, academic success, and responsible citizenship.

Piper high school is the only high school in piper, Kansas City. Piper high school has a high ranking within Kansas. This school is also highly ranked in the national ranking. Piper high school provides opportunities to take modern placement coursework and exams.

Piper high school’s ranking is based on their performance on state-required tests, graduation and this school prepares students for college.
The population of students in the piper high school is approximately 2300. Piper high school serves students of grades 9 to 12.

Piper high school offers a forensics season and well-rounded debate. In its history, piper high school has won two state championships in baseball. Piper high school offers special courses that are often designed around a theme.

Piper high school is a member of the Kansas state high schools activities association that offers a variety of sports programs. In piper high school, extra circular activities are offered in performing school publications, arts, and clubs.

Piper high school is located in Kansas City. Piper high school in Kansas City only encompasses 32 square miles of western Wyandotte County. The colors of piper high school are white and purple, while black is considered a third official color. Follow below driving instructions to reach Piper High school.

Start your drive from 753 S 66Th Terrace Kansas City, KS 66111 and go to head north on S 66th for 0.2 miles and then turn to left on Kansas Ave and drive for 0.1 miles. Turn to the right on the Kansas Ave and o for 0nly 243 ft. Next, turn to left onto Kaw Dr and go for 3.5 miles, turn right and merge onto I-435 N and go for 4.1 miles, now exit from 13B for State Ave W toward US-24/ US-40 W/US-73 W for 0.3 miles. Merge onto State Ave and go for 0.9 miles; you will see the Toyota Gate building.

From here, go to head northwest on State Ave toward the Sporting Way for 0.2 miles, then turn to the right onto sunflower Ln and pass by the hooters to go for almost 0.2 miles. Then take a left turn and go for 236 ft; you will see Jazz a Louisiana Kitchen Building.

Now go to Head northwest toward the village West Pkwy and drive for 135ft then turn to the left toward the village west Pkwy and go for 302 ft. Next, turn right at the 1st Cross St onto the village west Pkwy and cover 0.1 miles. Turn left on the 1st Cross St onto Parallel Pkwy and go for only 0.2 miles, then turn right for 253 ft. Then turn left, and you will see the Subway building on the left side of the road at 52 ft.

From here, turn left toward the Hutton Rd and cover a 98 ft distance, then turns left toward the Hutton Rd and go for only 154 ft. Then turn to left on Hutton Rd and go for 56 ft, now turn right toward Hutton Rd and cover only 125 ft. Next, take a right turn on Hutton Rd and go for only 0.5 miles to reach the Burlingame Enterprises building.

Go to Head north on Hutton Rd toward the N 109th St for 2.1 miles and then turn left at Clubhouse Dr go for only 125 ft. Then turn to the right and drive for 312 ft, again turn on left and drive for 302 ft; you will reach Piper High School.

Full Route:

(816) 249-2755