Let’s play soccer at Soccer Nation KC, Kansas City, KS, and USA.
If you want to play soccer and look for the best place to play soccer, then soccer nation KC is the best place for you.

Santa Fe

Santa Fe is the best place to live. The environment of the neighborhood Santa Fe is friendly for living. You can settle down in Santa Fe without any worry because Santa Fe is one of the best places in Kansas City to live.

Agua Fria, La Cienega, white Rock, Pojoaque, and Pecos are the best places in the Santa fe. Due to soaring housing prices, the cost of living in Santa Fe is slightly higher than the average.

Santa Fe is the best city, which offers a tranquil pace of life. The natural beauty of Santa is the essential thing for the enjoyment of residents. Its gorgeous weather encourages its residents to slow and enjoy its surroundings. Therefore start Santa Fe is one of the best places to get a fresh start.

Santa Fe is the best place to live in Kansas City. Relative seclusion, friendly people, and comfortable weather are the main reasons for living in Santa Fe.

Santa Fe is one of the green cities in the world. Santa Fe plays a vital role in promoting America’s oldest and largest recycled art market, called recycle Santa Fe art festival. Its greenery and peaceful environments are the main reason to make the city pollution accessible and the best place to live.

Soccer Nation KC

The newest soccer indoor facility in the Kansas City area is the soccer nation. It is the only one located in Kansas City, Kansas. The mission of soccer nation kc is to give year-round recreational, safe, and competitive soccer leagues for the young generation.

The atmosphere at Soccer Nation KC is amiable and suitable to play and fun; whether there is rain, day or night, you can enjoy the safe and clean environment for play. League play at Soccer Nation KC remains to continue the whole year. There you will find several divisions for men, women, coed, and youth for all skill levels.

They offer training and Tournaments on indoor turf fields for everyday games. Soccer Nation KC also organizes U-7 to U-18 leagues; for the five-year-old kids, they have an academy to train them. Not just for play, you also have the opportunity for fun because they also organize birthday parties. You can also order for party package to celebrate parties with Soccer Nation KC.

There are separate parking lots for your vehicle’s parking; you can visit with families to enjoy the leagues or for picnic fun. The environment is very charming where you can easily spend five to six hours with great fun. You can reach here from any corner of Kansas City within a couple of minutes by car or public transport.

You can follow our driving instructions to reach there from 753 S 66th Terrace, Kansas City, KS 66111. We will guide you with the safest and fastest route to reach Soccer Nation KC.
Start your drive from the initial point and go to Head north on S 66th Terrace toward Kansas Ave for 0.2 miles, then turn left onto Kansas Ave and drive for 0.1 miles. Turn to the right staying Kansas Ave, go for 154 ft, then turn right onto Kaw Dr and go for 0.7 miles. Now take a slight left turn onto KS-32 E and go for 1.7 miles. Then turn left onto S 51 St for 0.1 miles, then turn left and cover 66ft; then take a right turn; you will be near Virginia Tile co. https://goo.gl/maps/KMPCtybwCfRaKmsJ8

Go to Head north toward S 51 St for 164 ft and then turn to the right toward S 51 St for 59 ft. Now turn left onto S 51 St for 0.1 miles and takes left turn and goes for 79 ft. From here, turn right on 187 ft and then take a right turn and go for 72 ft; you will reach near Plastic Packaging building. https://goo.gl/maps/wP6DFDu4gQhBN9SKA

Then go to Head north toward Richland Ave for only 7 ft and then turn left onto Richland Ave and go only for 0.4 miles and take a right turn onto S 55th St and after 39 ft distance, you will be near Integrated Proteins building. https://goo.gl/maps/LVFfNVKEGhWKbd6J7

Go to head south on S 55th St toward Richland Ave for 0.2 miles and then turn to left onto Turner Diagonal Fwy for 476 ft. Turn to the right for 75 ft and again take a right turn and go for 144 ft to reach the U.S Bank Branch building. https://goo.gl/maps/vjqZM4N3EHqZ3QHF7

Then go to head east toward turner diagonal Fwy for only 144 ft and take a left turn toward the turner diagonal Fwy for 75 ft. Turn right onto Turner Diagonal Fwy and drive for only 0.1 miles. Keep going onto Kansas Ave for 0.3 miles. Then turn left onto S 51 St f0r 0.3 miles, then go for 0.5 miles by turning left onto Richland Ave. Now turn left onto S 55th St for 0.2 miles and then turn right for 157 ft, take a left turn and go for 240 ft, turn to the right and go for only 79 ft you will reach Soccer Nation KC. https://goo.gl/maps/xVL8QjbRSBZXf6mT6.

Full Route:

(816) 249-2755