Are you looking for a place to spend fun time with your family and kids near the Independence Plaza neighborhood? Prospect Plaza Park can be a great destination. All the information and driving directions are given in the article.

Independence Plaza

Independence Plaza at Kansas City, MO, USA, is a quite well-developed neighborhood. People of different groups, ethnicity, religion, and countries live here. The helpfulness among the residents is also amicable.

If you are a foodie, then you will love the options you get here at Independence Plaza. You can go to China Feast, one of the most popular Chinese restaurants in the area. Besides, you also can go to Church’s Chicken, Humdinger Drive-in and Food Truck, KC Burgers, and Gates Bar-B-Q.

Then if you are in the mood of shopping, you can visit Capital Beauty Supply, Capital T-shirt Inc, or Smart Shop Store. Harmony Park and Prospect Plaza Park are great options to spend your afternoon or evening.

If you are not residing in the area but need a place to stay, you can stay at Byers Mansion or Citidale. Independence Plaza welcomes you irrespective of your religion. Masjidu Nuur Islamic Center, Bethany Baptist Church, Independence Boulevard Christian Church, etc., are proof of that. Overall, Independence Plaza is a peaceful neighborhood with a diverse group of people.

Prospect Plaza Park

Whether you live in Independence Plaza or outside, you must have heard of the famous Prospect Plaza. It is located inside the Independence Plaza neighborhood, and the address is E 12th St and Prospect Ave, Kansas City, MO 64127, USA.

This place is one of the most beautiful locations in Kansas City, with lots of trees and especially green grasses. You can walk, play sports, or have fun with your kids.

There is a basketball court for adults. If you go with your friends, you may have a match among yourselves. Then there are two tennis courts for visitors. There are some other sports courts available too.

What does Prospect Plaza Park offer to kids? Well, there is a kids’ corner too. Various rides are available for kids to play and have fun. In short, it’s a fun place to visit with family, kids, or friends. The park opens at 5:00 am.

If you want to visit the park but do not know the location, follow the instructions here starting from 753 S 66th Terrace, Kansas City, KS 66111 is the following.

First, you need to get onto the Kaw Dr heading northeast and from it go onto the I-70 E. After driving for about 12 miles via I-70 E, you’ll cross the Kansas River, and about half a mile afterward you’ll cross the Kansas-Missouri state border, leaving the Kansas state behind and enter the Missouri state.

Continue driving eastward via I-70. Next, you have to take the exit 2H for US-24 E (Independence Avenue). Continue driving eastward for 0.7 miles, and you will reach Independence Plaza Park, Kansas City, MO 64124, USA. The park has its area on both sides of the road. The area on your right is the Independence Plaza neighborhood.

Continue driving east on Independence Ave. On the way, you will cross the Metro by T-Mobile, a cell phone store. 0.4 miles ahead of the Independence Plaza Park, you will see Byers Mansion, 2821 Independence Ave, Kansas City, MO 64124, United States, on your right.

Proceed another 361 feet on Independence Ave and then turn right on Gladstone Ave. Drive for 0.1 miles and turn right on the cross street to get onto E 7th St. 230 feet ahead, you will see Northeast Farmers’ Market, 3001 Independence Ave, Kansas City, MO 64124, United States, on your left.

Continue driving west on E 7th St and turn right after 0.2 miles on Prospect Ave. On your left is the Glad Tidings Chapel, 701 Prospect Ave, Kansas City, MO 64124, United States.

Drive straight south on Prospect Ave for another 0.3 miles. Within a minute or two, you will reach Prospect Plaza Park, Kansas City, MO 64127, USA. It will be on your right side.

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