Budd Park in South Indian Mound Neighborhood, Kansas City, MO, is a great place to visit for people of every age. Besides, the neighborhood offers a very peaceful environment.

South Indian Mound

South Indian Mound is a neighborhood in Northeast Kansas City, MO, USA. The amenities available here made it one of the popular neighborhoods in the city. Schools, Restaurants, Apartments with a safe environment, everything is available here.

The Northeast Jr High School is located in this neighborhood and can be a great place for students. Besides, the Kansas City Library is also inside the South Indian Mound. If you love books, you will surely love the library with tons of books.

There is a branch of Pizza Hut in the neighborhood. If you do not like Pizza, you may visit Sonic Drive-In or Monique’s Bakery. Besides, you can do some shopping at the Fast Stop, a convenience store.

South Indian Mound welcomes people from all religions. There are multiple churches here, including Covenant Baptist Memorial Church and St John’s. Besides, a Masjid Al Huda Center is available for Muslims.

If you are new in the neighborhood and looking forward to buying some furniture, you can visit Furniture USA and Appliance. Overall, South Indian Mound is a great neighborhood for living in.

Budd Park

One of the main attractions in the South Indian Mound is Budd Park. Even if you do not live here, visiting the park can be a worthwhile experience. The park is located on St John at Denver East Bound, Kansas City, MO 64124, United States.

Do you want to walk your dogs? Or are you looking for a place to spend some good times with your family kids? Whatever the case, Budd Park can be your perfect destination. You will find a lot of pet owners inside if you ever go to the park.

There are two shelters inside the park, which serve on the first-come, first-served rule. No reservations and fees are required for sitting. Both the shelters have a playground for kids.

The Budd pool is one of the most popular locations inside the park. Hence, do not forget to visit that. Besides, there are also four tennis courts. All of these features make Budd Park a great place for spending quality time.

If you want to go to the park from 753 S 66th Terrace, Kansas City, KS 66111 to Budd Park, first you need to head north and get onto Bedford Avenue.

First, you need to get onto the Kaw Dr heading northeast and from it go onto the I-70 E. After driving for about 12 miles via I-70 E, you’ll cross the Kansas River, and about half a mile afterward you’ll cross the Kansas-Missouri state border, leaving the Kansas state behind and enter the Missouri state.

Continue driving eastward via I-70. Next, you have to take the exit 2H for US-24 E (Independence Avenue). Continue driving eastward for 1.9 miles and you will see Sonic Drive-In, a fast-food restaurant on your left. This is the entrance to the South Indian Mound neighborhood, Kansas City, MO.

new address driving directions to South Indian Mound

Driving directions: https://goo.gl/maps/Dune2pLZBMFR9CE27

Head east from Sonic Drive-In onto Independence Ave. After driving 0.3 miles, you will see O’Reilly Auto Parts at 4722 Independence Ave, Kansas City, MO 64124. If you need any auto parts, you may have a look inside.

177 feet east from the store, you will have a street on your left. Get onto the Van Brunt Blvd. Continue driving onto Van Brunt Blvd for 0.2 miles, and there will be Northeast High School, 415 Van Brunt Blvd, Kansas City, MO, on your right. Students from different neighborhoods in Northeast Kansas City attend the school.

Head north from the High School, and after 1 minute of distance, American Legion Memorial I, will be on your left. The monument is located at 297-293 Van Brunt Blvd, Kansas City, MO.

Continue driving north from the Monument, and you will see Masjid Al Huda Center on your left. After that, there is a Church named St. Paul Monument of Faith. And then soon you will be on a cross street. Get onto St John Ave, and turn left here. 384 feet ahead is Carniceria El Torito, 4901 St John Ave, Kansas City, MO. It’s a Mexican restaurant with some delicious food items.

Now you are very close to Budd Park. Continue driving east on St John Ave. 0.2 miles ahead, you will see a bus stop on St John at Denver Eastbound. Cross the bus stop, and Entry to the Budd Park will be on your right on St John at Denver Eastbound, Kansas City, MO 64124.

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