If you think of getting admitted into a medical college, Kansas City University can be an excellent choice. You can settle at Pendleton Heights, a great neighborhood for living.

Pendleton Heights

Pendleton Heights is Kansas City’s first developed suburb. The downtown neighborhood is well known for its historical values as it is City’s second oldest residentially designed neighborhood.

This is a great place to live, especially if you love old houses. Here, you will find a great collection of Victorian houses. Besides, Pendleton Heights has three parks (North Terrace, Independent Plaza, & Maple Park), where you can have morning walks or have a peaceful time in the evening.

Pendleton Heights is also a great neighborhood for education. It has several elementary, middle, and high schools with a medical school. The people who live here are also more friendly than you would have imagined. Immigrants often choose this neighborhood for living.

Splitlog Coffee is one of the most popular cafes in the area. You also can go to PH coffee or Jubaland Grill. Then you can shop at One Way Clothing or Art Garden KC. Overall, the neighborhood offers almost everything you would need to live.

Kansas City University

Kansas City University(KCU) can be one of the reasons for you to move to Pendleton Heights. It is a private medical school and one of the original osteopathic medical schools in the US.

After getting founded in 1916, the college got several names and finally changed to Kansas City University in 2020. It is one of the largest medical colleges in the US based on enrollment. Joel Weisman, Leonard Calabrese, and Earle Haas are some of the notable alumni of KCU.

If you are interested in Bioscience, then KCU can be a great choice. You will have biomedical research opportunities in the Great City of Kansas, MO. Besides biomedical sciences, KCU also offers graduate degrees in osteopathic medicine, clinical psychology, business, and bioethics.

“Score 1 for Health” is a great initiative by the KCU to offer free health screening to elementary-aged children. First and second-year university students get hands-on training here. In a nutshell, Kansas City University can be a perfect choice to start your medical study.

You can get to the Kansas City University located at Pendleton Heights, Kansas City, MO, USA, from 753 S 66th Terrace, Kansas City, KS 66111.

First, you need to get onto the Kaw Dr heading northeast and from it go onto the I-70 E. After driving for about 12 miles via I-70 E, you’ll cross the Kansas River, and about half a mile afterward you’ll cross the Kansas-Missouri state border, leaving the Kansas state behind and enter the Missouri state.

Continue driving eastward via I-70. Next, you have to take the exit 2H for US-24 E (Independence Avenue) and continue driving eastward. You’ll reach the first major cross after about 1000ft. It’s the cross with The Paseo. When you pass it, you’ll see the Kansas City University on your left as well as the Pendleton Heights neighborhood. The bus station On Independence Avenue at Paseo Westbound, Kansas City, MO 64106 is also located on that big cross, on the left immediately after you pass this big crossing.

From there, head east on Independence Avenue towards Highland Avenue. Within two minutes of driving, you will get to El Mercado Fresco – Fresh Market, 2620 Independence Avenue, which will be on your left from the road. You can buy some fresh groceries, meat, seafood, etc., from the market.

After you finish shopping, head back west for about 259 feet and then turn right onto Prospect Ave to visit Giordiono apartments, 511 Prospect Ave, Kansas City, MO 64120. If you are planning to move to Pendleton Heights, this can be a great place to live.

After visiting the Giordiono apartments, you also can visit nearby Garfield Elementary School. Drive north for around 230 feet and take a left onto Amie St. Then take the first right turn onto Wabash Ave, and within a minute, you will see Garfield Elementary School, 436 Prospect Ave, Kansas City, MO 64124.

Then you need to head north and turn left onto Lexington Ave at the first cross street. After driving for approximately two minutes, you will see Art Garden KC, Across PH Coffee on Pocket Park 304 Brooklyn Ave, Kansas City, MO 64124. It’s a great place to shop for some local artifacts.

Driving from the Art Garden KC, there is one more place you can visit before reaching Kansas City University. Head straight west onto Lexington Ave and continue onto Maple Blvd. When you reach E Missouri Ave, turn right, and again turn right after 49 feet and continue onto Lexington Ave. Take the left road and head towards the Paseo. Upon reaching the Paseo, take a sharp left, and within a minute, Housing Authority, 299 The Paseo, Kansas City MO 64106 will be on your left.

From the Housing Authority, head southwest on The Paseo toward Highland Ave. Then turn left onto E Missouri Ave, and you will reach a cross street 308 feet ahead. Turn right there onto Highland Ave, and you will reach Kansas City University, 1750 Independence Ave, Kansas City, MO 64106, United States.


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