Located on the North bank of the Kansas River, Muncie is a neighborhood in Kansas City, USA. It is crossed by rail lines and is also known as the “Buckongahelas Town”. Riverview Park is one of the closest parks to Muncie. This park is located about 0.6 miles from downtown.

There are a number of attractions in the city. If you are looking for a waterfall, you can take a walk or go for a swim in the White River. The river is a tributary of the Mississippi River. The town is 496.84 miles from Kansas City in the west direction. It is also known as ” Chief Munsee”. The city was founded in 1827 by Goldsmith C. Gilbert. The first railroad was built in 1852 and restored in Muncie in 1901. The growth of the city was attributed to the discovery of natural gas.

Using an interactive map of Muncie is an excellent way to get around the city. A street map of the place is great for locating the essential sites, while satellite views give a more accurate picture of the location. If you’re traveling to the city for the first time, personalized maps can be an excellent guide. Not only are these interactive maps helpful, but you can also save them as PDF files for free printable Muncie plans.

There are several different ways to get to Muncie. If you’re looking for a historic neighborhood, consider Grinter Heights. In addition to its historic significance, Muncie is also a great location for families and children.

Muncie experiences a warm, temperate climate. The high temperature of July is 84 degrees Celsius (183.2 degrees Fahrenheit). It receives an average of 1016 mm (40 inches) of precipitation per year, with the highest amounts of precipitation in May and June. In comparison, the coldest month is January.

A higher-income neighborhood, Muncie is booming in the USA. With a median income of $16,986, it is the twenty-seventh highest neighborhood in the United States. However, its high-income status makes it a desirable location for working professionals. It is a place that is well-connected and has an active arts and culture scene.

Grinter Place State Historic Site in Muncie Kansas US

If you’re looking for a great place to visit in Kansas City, Grinter Place State Historic Site is the perfect spot for you. This home is listed on the National Register of Historic Properties and is situated just above the Kansas River in the neighborhood of Muncie. It is a perfect place to visit if you have ever been to the Midtown area, and you’ll be able to enjoy the city’s many attractions while staying in a comfortable bed and breakfast.

The house is a great example of the 19th century. Grinter Place is still the oldest house in Kansas and is the oldest surviving house on the prairie The first residence of the Grinters was near the ferry. The second house was on a hill above the ferry and was occupied by the Grinters until their deaths in 1878. The third house was built on a hill above the ferry, east of the previous log house, around 1857. In the late 1850s, the family moved to the northwest corner of K-32 Highway and 78th Street, where they lived until their deaths.

The Grinter family moved to the Muncie area before 1855. The land was part of a Delaware Indian reservation, and the family lived there. The house, which sat above the ferry, burned to the ground at some point. Anna Grinter became a U.S. citizen after her husband died in 1878. Their home was also the church’s location for a while. After a year, the Grinters donated land for a Methodist church. The church remains active today. The cemetery contains the graves of the famous couple.

The house was named after the Grinter family, which was founded in 1830. It is the oldest house in Wyandotte County and is the oldest in the area. In addition, its historical significance can be traced back to the family’s origins. The building was purchased by the state of Kansas, which is now administered by the Kansas Historical Society.

It was sold to the state of Kansas, and today is known as The Granger Place. The home is open to the public. The house contains many historical artifacts, photos, documents are available to provide a historical perspective.

Driving Instruction From 753 S 66th Terrace to Grinter Place State Historic Site in Kansas City

From 753 S 66th Terrace, you will need proper driving instructions for Grinter Place State Historic Site. There are 8 places where you can park your car and visit, depending on your interest or needs. Let’s look at these places:

Bluestone Products:

Drive 0.1 miles north on S 66th Terrace towards Kansas Avenue for about a minute. The building is located on the left side, so you should keep your attention on it. After driving 0.1 miles, you will arrive at the Bluestone Products building on your left.

American Natural Gas:

Continue to drive straight for about 1 min. On the way, you will cross the Dayton Superior. After driving 0.1 miles. Once you reach the end of the road, you will see two ways; one is the right side (East) and one is the left side (West). You need to turn left onto Kansas Ave. On the right, you’ll find the American Natural Gas station.

International Foods:

Keep driving straight on Kansas Ave toward Griffin Rd about 499 ft. After that, you’ll see two roads. The north (right side) is Kansas Avenue and the west (left side) is Griffin Road. Turn left onto Griffin Rd, and drive 144 feet. The International Foods is on your left.

Jones Bar-B-Q:

Drive northeast on Griffin Rd for 144 ft. After that, turn left onto Kansas Ave and drive 154 ft. Then, turn right onto Kaw Dr and keep driving for another 0.2 miles. You will then see a U-turn point and you will have to take a U-turn. The Jones Bar-B-Q is on the right side of the road, so keep an eye out there. You have to drive 469 feet further to reach there.

Transport Truck Sales Inc.:

Drive the straight road for 351 feet for about 1 minute. You will locate Transport Truck Sales Inc on the left side.


Head southwest on Kaw Dr toward Kansas Ave for 0.1 miles. After, you will cross the Kansas Ave road. Keep driving another 0.1 to see the Cenex gas station on the right side.

Vehicare Fleet Solutions:

Keep driving southwest on Kaw Dr toward S 70th St for .03 miles. On the way, there is Knight Transportation Center on the right side. If you see it, you are heading in the right direction. Turn right and cross another 256 ft. Again Turn right and keep driving for 0.3 miles. Afterward, you will discover Vehicare Fleet Solutions on the left side.

Eagle Strip & Paint, Inc.:

You need to head southwest toward Kaw Dr for 92 ft and then turn left toward Kaw dr. After turning right onto Kaw dr, continue to drive ahead for 0.5 miles. On the way, you will cross DLS Tire Centers Inc. which is situated on the right side and after a while, you will cross L&M Truck and trailer repair centers and B&H Tire and Muffler on the left side. After that, you will pass Milk Creek. When you pass the 0.5 miles, you will reach your destination on the right.

Grinter Place State Historic Site:

For the next 0.8 miles, keep driving straight. After that, you will see S 78 St road on your left. Continue driving for another 0.2 miles. Finally, you will see Grinter Place State Historic Site to your left.

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