Wyandotte County Lake Park is the best park with beautiful natural scenery in Kansas City to visit for family trips.

Nearman Hills

Nearman Hills is a multicultural place with residents of several races. The neighborhood has more than 2700 houses. The houses in the neighborhood include a mix of small and medium-size bungalows, single and double-story buildings.

Streets are planted with green trees, metal roads, and available pavement. You can walk through for long distances on the sidewalks because the neighborhood is affluent with natural scenery, and its sidewalks could be the best hiking trails for couples to walk through.

There is not much traffic in the neighborhood; transportation is minimal and only has a few bikes lanes. You can easily walk from one area to another. Nearman Hills has the best schools, parks, churches, restaurants, and other living facilities.

Washington High school is one of the famous schools in Kansas City that offers the best quality education. Its environment is amiable, learning, and supportive.
Wyandotte County Lake Park is a famous recreational place in this neighborhood where people come for a family picnic and spend their vacations among the natural scenery. It has playgrounds, long walking trails, and large picnic spots.

Children’s fishing pond in Nearman hills is worth seeing; you can go with your kids and enjoy a fishing experience there. There are many restaurants and hotels and recreational spots. Some popular recreational spots are Wyandotte Lake Shelter 11, West View, Shelter 3, Wyco west mountain bike trailhead, and Shelter 9.

Wyandotte County Lake Park

Wyandotte County Lake Park is the largest and most beautiful park in the Nearman Hills neighborhood, where people from Kansas City come to spend their memorable times. The park is rich with beautiful natural scenery; its vast green grounds, lush green trees, and best picnic spots make it the best place to visit with family and friends trips.

Here is a 1500 wooded area where you can walk with your loved ones can spend long hours under the green trees. You can spend time around 400 Acre Lake; the lake has tall trees on both sides and sitting benches. Sit on the bench and read newspapers, share your feelings with your loved ones.

Near the lake, the Marina kids fishing pond is a perfect place for fun and entertainment for your kids. You can plan a trip with your kids, can enjoy fishing, boat trial, and can play games in its nearby playground. The park has bridle trails and an off-leash dog area.

Schlagle Library and Environmental Centre in Wyandotte Park are also the best spots to spend your time. The Park is public owned where you can visit anytime, with no fee or ticket; you may need to pay for the parking area. There is also a free parking area, but it is safe to park your car in the parking area.

Start your journey from 753 S 66th Terrace Kansas City, KS 66111, USA, and go to head north on 66th Terrace toward Kansas Ave for 0.2 mi, then take a left turn onto Kansas Ave and go for only 0.1mi. Then turn to the right by staying on Kansas Ave and go for only 154 ft. Next, turn to the right onto Kaw Dr and drive for 0.5mi, then turn to left onto S 65th St and go for 0.6mi. Now turn left to merge onto Turner Diagonal HWY toward W Bound and go for 0.7mi. Turn slightly on the left onto Turner Diagonal and drive for 0.8 miles. Keep driving onto College PKWY for 0.8 miles and then continue straight onto N 72nd St and go for 1 mile, then turn left onto Leavenworth Rd and go for 0.2 miles; you will reach near Washington High school in the Nearman Hills neighborhood. https://goo.gl/maps/nTj7ZAgj8Qbzinxn9

Then go to Head west on Leavenworth Rd toward N 73 PI from Washington High school for 0.8 miles; after that, you will reach near Wright Liquor Store building. Look at the right side of the road to see its building. https://goo.gl/maps/4rfY5LFkNHVyKuZj9

Next, drive to Head west on Leavenworth Rd toward the N 80th Terrace and go for 0.8 miles; you will reach near Bethel Community of Christ building on the right side of the road. https://goo.gl/maps/mGjNH18eShwzzyCW8

Then go to Head west on Leavenworth Rd toward N 85 St/N 85th St for 0.7 miles and then turn to the right onto N 91ST ST and go for 0.2 miles, here you will reach near The Venue at Willow Creek. https://goo.gl/maps/53bD3HGF6uUgZZnP8

Go to Head north on N 91ST St toward the West Dr for 0.3 miles and then continue to drive straight onto East Dr/ Wyandotte County Lake Park Rd; you will reach Wyandotte County Lake Park. https://goo.gl/maps/WifLmmnm8GxXuL6x8

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